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Founded in 1994, Fiddler Magazine is an informative, educational, and entertaining resource for fiddlers, accompanists, and appreciative listeners. Each quarterly issue (now approx. 60 pages each) features a variety of different styles of fiddling, as well as plenty of other articles and columns. Regular columns include: Bluegrass Fiddling, “The Practicing Fiddler,” Fiddle Tune History, On Improvisation, Irish Fiddling, Violin Maker's Corner, Tunesmiths, Notes on Learning, reviews of CDs, books, and DVDs – and more! Each issue also includes transcriptions of several tunes. (New & improved website coming soon!)

Fall 2022
  • Violin Makers John Preston; James Morris; Murray Kuun
  • Volume Five's Glen Harrell
  • Ingredients of Fiddle Tunes
  • Columns: Bluegrass Fiddling; Jody's Column; Waltzes & Airs; On Improvisation; The Tune Sleuth; Violin Maker's Corner; The Practicing Fiddler; The Hidden Note; Irish Fiddling; Scottish Fiddling; The Intrepid Fiddler; Reviews; "Fiddle-toon" comic; Crossword puzzle
  • 9 Tunes!
In upcoming issues: Lisa Ornstein, Part 2 (Québec); A Rosin Primer; Fiddlers Branching Out; Belén Escobedo; African Roots of Old-time Rhythm … and lots more!

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