Hokum bowing/double shuffle lesson
Feb 11, 2016

Eddie Poirier -- Old Mill Jig
Aug 15, 2011

Eddie Poirier -- Across the Sea
Aug 14, 2011

Eddie Poirier -- Angus LeFort's Favorite Waltz
Aug 13, 2011

"Too Late Schottische" + Swedish Slängpolskas
Aug 12, 2011

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Elk River Blues -- Find more video lessons by clicking on "newer" and "older" at the bottom of the right-hand menu!
Serena Eades
Serena Eades teaches "Elk River Blues" as played by West Virginia fiddler Ernie Carpenter.


Serena's Fiddle Techniques for the Violinist course is designed for novice violinists/fiddlers who may (or may not) have had some experience playing classical music but would like to deepen their understanding and playing of various fiddle music styles. For more information, visit www.serenaeades.com/ecourse.