Dan Kelly -- "Tugboat" Lesson
Apr 06, 2011

Dan Kelly -- "Howdy from Hickman County"
Apr 05, 2011

Kimberley Fraser -- Cape Breton "cut" lesson
Apr 01, 2011

Kimberley Fraser -- "Green Grow the Rushes O"
Mar 31, 2011

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Dan Kelly -- "Tugboat" Lesson
Dan Kelly
Here's a video lesson from Nashville fiddler extraordinaire Dan Kelly. Dan is featured in the Summer 2011 issue of Fiddler Magazine ("Dan Kelly: Grand Master's Fiddle Champion at the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, & Beyond" by L. Scott Miller). In this lesson, Dan explains a few of his techniques in the tune "Tugboat," part of which is transcribed in the Summer 2011 issue (to purchase, please see the Store/Subscribe link at left).

Here's Dan playing the whole tune, accompanied by Scott Miller (2010 Grand Master's Traditional Fiddle Champion) on guitar: