Free Video Lessons -- Intro
Aug 16, 2011

Eddie Poirier -- Old Mill Jig
Aug 15, 2011

Eddie Poirier -- Across the Sea
Aug 14, 2011

Eddie Poirier -- Angus LeFort's Favorite Waltz
Aug 13, 2011

"Too Late Schottische" + Swedish Slängpolskas
Aug 12, 2011

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Free Video Lessons -- Intro
Mary Larsen
Welcome to Fiddler Magazine's new Free Video Lessons! This is a fairly new feature of our website, and will be adding more videos as often as we can. We plan to compile a nice library of made-for-Fiddler Magazine videos featuring great fiddlers of a variety of styles. Please check back regularly to see what's new!

So far, we have offerings from several terrific fiddlers: New Brunswick fiddler Eddie Poirier, featured in the Fall 2011 issue; Nashville fiddler Dan Kelly, featured in Summer 2011; Cape Breton fiddler Kimberley Fraser; and SF Bay Area fiddlers Sarah Kirton and Dave Barton. The Eddie Poirier tunes are transcribed in the Fall 2011 issue. Dan Kelly has made a couple of videos of his "Tugboat" tune, transcribed in the Summer 2011 issue, as well as the Howdy Forrester tune "Howdy from Hickman County." Dave Barton's contest-winning tune "Too Late Schottische" was transcribed in the Fall 2011 issue and is performed by Sarah Kirton and Anne Kanerva and Dave Barton and Anne Kanerva. Sarah and Anne have also recorded three great slangpolskas. Just click on the links at right to get started (click on "Older" to access more). Enjoy!